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A watch is a watch is a watch. That’s always what I believed. I mean, they look different, depending on the style – Sometimes the shape of the face is varied, sometimes we see numbers, roman numerals or no numbering at all, but usually they have the same design. Sure, some watches (especially designer watches) are embellished a bit and are made from great materials (such as leather) but it’s not often that they deviate far from the original design.

That’s why I love small details that are a little different but no so much that they are overpowering. Take the Cape Cod Hermes watch for example – The face is exactly what you would expect from a regular replica watch, but the subtle wrapping technique that has gone into the strap is just enough to make this watch extra special. Isla Fisher (pictured below) even confessed that while shooting the movie, ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’, this watch became one of her favourite items. Who could blame her! In fact, I have a confession of my own – I am already buying this watch for myself! Since, I too, am a shopaholic, I guess it would be best for me to stick with replica Hermes watches, that is until they make a movie based on my own life!

There is a way that I can get the look for less, and I am going to share that secret with all of you readers! (You can certainly thank me later, if you so choose) Replica Hermes watches, like this watch,can keep you in style, without having to spend so much of your hard earned cash. The best part about Hermes replica watches is that you won’t even be able to tell the difference between the replica Hermes and an authentic one because it is made with the same great quality as the real thing!