Hands-on With Jaeger-LeCoultre AMVOX 7 With 44mm CaseReplica

Jaeger-LeCoultre mens replica announces the seventh version of their Aston Martin automobile collaboration replica watches with the AMVOX 7 Chronograph. It marks eight years of working together with the auto maker on a replica watch which began with the kitschy idea of having a function that allows you to lock and unlock your Aston Martin car with a luxury replica watch. Moving forward, the AMVOX collection has become more of a Jaeger-LeCoultre racing themed sport timepiece range. The AMVOX collection has been one I am keenly aware of because if there is anything I like better than a Jaeger-LeCoultre replica watch, it is a modern looking sport Jaeger-LeCoultre replica watch. I don't love all the AMVOX family timepieces, but the new 7 is certainly a good looker.

There are a couple of really cool features on the JLC AMVOX 7 Chronograph swiss replica watch. First is the chronograph which uses the crystal as the chronograph pushers. This feature was actually introduced in 2005, but I like it better in the AMVOX 7. Here is how it works. First you'll see a lever on the left side of the replica watch case. That locks or unlocks the chronograph triggers under the crystal. Locked, the crystal will not move. With the chronograph unlocked you press on the top of the crystal near 12 o'clock to start and stop the chronograph, while a press at 6 o'clock acts as the reset pusher. While this feature is destined to attract a lot of fingerprints, it is a damn neat system.

The chronograph is a full 12 hour timer with disc-style counters that are really easy to read (given the overall look of the face). Yes, the dial is busy, but the design is very contemporary and international in its feel. It almost feels like an homage to modern cities as a whole. The mixture of symmetrical design elements along with little peeks into the mechanical movement are brilliant. While I might not want to wear a replica watch like this while trying to relax on an empty beach, the erratic design feels very sporty and purposeful - I like it. Kudos to the small, but important inclusion of the Aston Martin logo in a way that feels natural. People buy a replica watch like this because it is a Jaeger-LeCoultre, not as a car tie-in timepiece (even though certain design elements on the replica watch are meant to resemble elements form the Aston Martin Vanquish car).

A new feature is what Jaeger-LeCoultre calls their "radial power reserve display." It uses twin red strips on the top of the dial which are placed into the chapter ring. These curved linear indicators recede as the power goes down. The video will give you more details on how it works. This is all part of the new in-house made Jaeger-LeCoultre caliber 756 automatic movement with 65 hours of power reserve, the above indicated complications, as well as the date.

The AMVOX 7 Chronograph replica watch case is in titanium and is 44mm wide. It is a bit thick at 15.64mm, but that is common to the collection. The mixture of titanium metal, black, and red elements really appeal to me. The case is new for the AMVOX range and the detail look impressive. I enjoy the newly designed crown as well (though it looks a bit sharp). I complained to Jaeger-LeCoultre less than a week ago about how I wanted them to release more sport replica watches, especially things like the Extreme Lab 2 (hands-on here) that I continue to have a love affair with.